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DRDO designed ATAGS to boost artillery
By Sushil Sharma | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 4/30/2018 3:38:53 PM
DRDO designed ATAGS to boost artillery

In January this year two privately manufactured artillery guns completed trials in Sikkim and in the first week of February the Army gave its go ahead on getting the first lot of 40 such guns.  Additions like ability of auto-loading of ammunition to fire six-rounds in one go and weight reduction of the gun will be incorporated in latter versions.

The Ministry of Defence is positive on it and has asked the DRDO to move the proposal for procurement and get the production rolling. The 40 guns will cost around Rs 900 crores even as the finance wing of the MoD wants a price check on the cost of the guns. The first lot of six guns will be delivered to the Army for user trials by 2019.
Called the Advance Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), the guns are designed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and manufactured by two Indian private manufacturers – Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division (SED) and Bharat Forge.The MoD had sanctioned the ATAGS project in September 2012 and the DRDO partnered with Bharat Forge and Tata Power SED to develop two prototypes G-1 and G-2  which were tried out. One of the prototypes was part of the Republic Day Parade in 2017.
The ATAGS is aiming to fire at close to 60 kms, nearly double that of the first Bofors guns. It has all-electric 95 kW battery as opposed to hydraulic drive, which means it can work at high altitudes without fears of the hydraulic liquid freezing.The role of artillery in any future Kargil-like conflict will continue to be vital. Estimates within the strategic community are that all future wars will be fought in the rugged Himalayas where all of India’s disputed boundaries with Pakistan and China are.

The new steps on artillery: 
Other than the 145 pieces of ultra light howitzer (ULH) supplied from US ,  and the 100 pieces of the K-9 Vajra a tracked gun, India has not ordered any new 155 MM artillery guns since March 1986 when 410 pieces of the Swedish company Bofors’ FH-77B 155mm/39 calibre howitzer were purchased for Rs 1500 Crore. Under threat from the unseen ‘Bofors ghost’, purchase proposals of artillery guns has been cancelled or withdrawn on six separate occasions in the past 15 years.
Army’s Field Artillery Rationalization Plan, drawn in 1999,   aimed to acquire 2,800-3,000 155 mm/52-calibre guns of all kinds and 155 mm/39-calibre lightweight howitzers by 2027. The projection includes 814 truck mounted guns, 1580 Towed Guns, 100 tracked Self Propelled guns,180 wheeled Self Propelled guns and 145 Ultra Light Howitzers.
The type guns and their present status. 

M777 ULH  155 MM/ 39 calibre:
The BAE systems has provided two guns to make firing tables. The barrel of one of them  burst while using Indian made ammunition and fresh trials are to being conducted using American ammunition. These 145 guns are coming at an estimated cost of US $ 710 million-- US $ 725 million. This will be the main weapon for India’s upcoming Mountain Strike Corps.  The BAE has further tied up with Mahindra’s to make some 50 percent of the guns in India. Made of titanium each M777 weighs 4000 kg making its transportable by CH-47 Chinook helicopters, C-17 Globemaster and the C-130 Hercules aircrafts or on trucks with ease to provide increased mobility. 
Vajra K-9-T Self propelled tracked guns of 155 MM/52 Calibre:
100 pieces of the K-9 Vajra self-propelled tank mounted guns are to be made by South Korea’s Hanwha Techwin. These guns will be manufactured in India by Larsen & Toubro and delivered by 2022 under a Rs 4500 crore order.  This is a gun mounted on a tank-track type chassis. It can go any place the Indian Army operates its tanks -- in the plains of north India, deserts of Rajasthan and also on the plateau of Ladakh. 
The Dhanush 155 mm/ 45 Calibre towed guns: The Dhanush, based on the Bofors design and transfer of technology is on the verge of induction. The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) ,its maker, is ready with six ‘production-level- prototypes’ for trials. Earlier the prototypes of the 155mm/45-calibre Dhanush gun had been successfully tested, the Army has now been asked to test out the production-level  prototypes. Summer trials of three guns are slated between June and September for summer trials. The Dhanush has a new maximum effective range of 38 km compared to the 27-km range of the original Bofors.
It has onboard computers, an electronics suite that will enable  real time adjustments to moving and static targets. The system auto corrects to variations in ammunition, charge or meteorology. It has infra red sight for night firing ability. It is said to boast  of an 87 percent local content, excluding the  Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) provided by BAE and the sighting system from French company Sagem.
On the Towed guns:
The MoD has agreed that there will be no licensed production imported guns. The Army is moving ahead with the import of 480 towed artillery guns, under a $ 1.8 billion dollar contract for which France's Nexter has teamed with local partner Larsen & Toubro to pitch its Trajan 155mm/52 calibre gun against Israel’s Elbit Systems, partnered with Bharat Forge.  




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