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BLER Systems to Demonstrate its OSINT System
By BDK Bureau | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 6/9/2018 12:34:54 PM
BLER Systems to Demonstrate its OSINT System

Based on open architecture, BLER’s 'Target Profiler' provides intelligence officers with immediate actionable intelligence gathered from the Internet, social &cellular networks and Dark Web channels


PARIS(EUROSATORY): BLER Systems –a developer of innovative security and cyber intelligence solutions - will demonstrate its Target Profiler-OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) System atthe Intelligence Technology Clusterinthe Israel Pavilion of EUROSATORY 2018.

"Today, one of the biggest challenges that intelligence officers around the world face every day is the information overload in open channels, how to monitor it and distill from it real intelligence to identify illegal activity,” says Efim Lerner, BLER System’s CTO.

“The solution we have developed, which is already being used by intelligence organizations and other customers around the world, is able to automatically and quickly examine huge amounts of information from the Internet, social networks and web applications, and Dark Web channels and to extract from it actionable intelligence. The system is modular, open architecture and scalable and can be very simply adapted by clients to deal with the tasks they require.”

BLER's Target Profiler Systemis an integrated, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation-support solution, used to conduct business intelligence, and criminal and terror investigations for enterprise organizations, financial institutions and government agencies.

The system has various configurable capabilities:

Link analysis -identifying social connections, similar preferences and common groups between suspects at multiple levels.

Sentiment analysis capabilities- analyzing the target’s posts and identifyingfeelings and word anomalies. 

Face analytics- identifying thetarget inmultiple pictures captured by aprofiling process, including characteristics such as age, race, emotion, whether the suspect is wearing lenses or glasses, and many other unique features.

Identifyingwhether the suspect is already in the system, based on their picture,and indicating a confidence level.

Identifying potential activity in Dark Web marketplaces.

Indicating on a map the last location of a target,using data collected from social networks and websites.

TimeLine -viewing and analyzing all target posts and social network activities,easily finding the most-liked post and all relations between targets according to likes, tagging and comments activity. 


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