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Vedanti kicks up new controversy over temple trust
By IANS | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 11/15/2019 12:10:21 PM
Vedanti kicks up new controversy over temple trust

Ayodhya: Former BJP MP Ram Vilas Vedanti, who has played a proactive role in the Ayodhya movement, has now kicked up a fresh controversy over the temple trust that is to be set up in accordance with final Supreme Court verdict that came on November 9.Vedanti, in an audio clip that has been circulated among the saint community in Ayodhya, is heard saying that he wishes to head the proposed temple trust.

The conversation, which is yet to be verified, is between Vedanti and Tapasviji Chhavni head Mahant Paramhansdas, who was detained on Thursday for making derogatory remarks against Ram Janambhoomi Nyas chief Nritya Gopal Das.

In the audio clip, Vedanti is heard asking Paramhansdas to propose his name for the head of the trust. Both can also be heard making indecent remarks against Nritya Gopal Das."Nritya Gopal Das ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai (which roughly translates to Das is mad)?" Paramhansdas is heard saying and it is this that angered the supporters of Nritya Gopal Das on Thursday.

According to sources, the audio clip has been circulated among saints by supporters of Paramhansdas to underline the fact that Vedanti is provoking saints to propose his name."You propose my name or else someone from the Ramanand sect or the Goraksh Peeth (read Yogi Adityanath) will become the head of the trust," Vedanti is heard saying.

Nritya Gopal Das has already stated that he would like Yogi Adityanath to head the temple trust as chief of the Goraksh Peeth, and not as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, since the Peeth has made a major contribution in the Ayodhya movement.Another saint, Mahant Anand Das Shastri, said that no one will tolerate the insult being heaped upon Mahant Nritrya Gopal Das.

Mahant Paramhansdas, on the other hand, has said that he feels unsafe in Ayodhya after the manner in which he was heckled by supporters of Nritya Gopal Das.It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court in its November 9 verdict, has asked the central government to set up a trust within three months and it is this trust that will supervise the construction of the Ram temple.


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भारत डिफेंस कवच की नई हिन्दी पत्रिका ‘डिफेंस मॉनिटर’ का ताजा अंक ऊपर दर्शाया गया है। इसके पहले दस पन्ने आप मुफ्त देख सकते हैं। पूरी पत्रिका पढ़ने के लिए कुछ राशि का भुगतान करना होता है। पुराने अंक आप पूरी तरह फ्री पढ़ सकते हैं। पत्रिका के अंकों पर क्लिक करें और देखें। -संपादक

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