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Bangladesh PM pitches for investment in industrialisation
By Sumi Khan | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 8/21/2020 1:41:01 PM
Bangladesh PM pitches for investment in industrialisation

Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said that there is a need to create special economic zones to attract domestic and foreign players in the country.

"We need to attract domestic and foreign investment in industrialisation. We have to specify the place for industrialisation," Hasina said while addressing a virtual meeting through a video conference from her official Gangbhaban residence.

"If we want to do something very quickly, we have a problem with the land. It is important to keep in mind that this problem does not exist. Besides, we have to protect cropland and agricultural land. Forests must be protected," she said.

The Premier also called for building the youth society as entrepreneurs. For this, she called for cooperation and encouragement. Besides, she also advised the youth not to run after jobs but to become entrepreneurs.

"We can attract our youth society and encourage them. Don't just run after jobs, show yourself doing something great. We have to work towards that," Hasina said.

She simultaneously directed all concerned to go for industrialisation alongside agricultural development by wooing local and foreign investments aimed at creating job opportunities by protecting the arable lands and the environment.

"Our goal is to attract investment. There are lots of investment now. It is always moving from one country to another. The more we can bring the better for us. Those of us who have the ability to invest in the country should also be able to invest whenever the foreign investment comes," she added.

Hasina, also the Chairman of the governing body, the highest policy-making body of BEPZA, instructed all concerned to maintain the environmental balance in case of industrialisation as her government has already adopted the Delta Plan to this end.

"We've selected specific areas for establishing 100 special economic zones mainly to protect the arable lands and the environment," she said.

The Premier said the Bangladesh government wants planned industrialisation across the country to raise employments and production to meet the growing demands of the countrymen alongside increasing exports.

In this connection, she said that special economic zones are being set up at different parts of the country aimed at using the crops, which are produced in a particular zone.

"Ensuring overall development of the country is the main goal of our government, and that's why we're continuing our efforts for industrial development and thus creating more employment opportunities," said Hasina.


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